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Cloth materials - Dhekne & Sons Prindi

M/S H.A. Dhekne & Sons offering retail and wholesale cloth materials in Goa, in Mapusa Market in the shop nr.10. 

In Estonian language/ eesti keeles

In Russian/ по-русски 


By them can you find: 

  • 100% silk and 100% cotton materials
  • Sarees
  • Fabrics for dresses
  • Fabrics for suits
  • Fabrics for curtains 
  • Fabrics for lining etc, etc...

Santosh has been in the cloth business more than 10 years as his forefathers have been in this business over 50. years. In the Mapusa Marked shop nr 10 what is just in the first innerline if you come from the main street, on the corner, will you find working Santhos himself, his sister and 6 coworkers. 


Fabrics shop has thousands of different varieties - with different thickness, quality, pattern and colour. The store has two floors. The main business works on the first floor, but sometimes are customer sent up from the cramped stairs to the second floor to select a suitable fabric. Santosh bringing materials from different places - from Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai etc. 


Prices vary and depend on the market price of the fabrics. For example, cotton fabrics and viscose mixed beautiful dress fabric will cost 100-200 rupees (20 cents to 1 eur 2 eur 20 cents). Double-velvet 150 rupees (per meter) meter. Silk fabrics for men’s shirt … per/ meter (width…) and suit fabrics viscose / wool cost …per/ meter (width…).


Shop vendors are specialists in their field and can always recommend how much fabric client should buy. It is important that the customer knows what style of garment she wants to sew - without sleeves, with short or long sleeves, either short or long, etc.


A lot of tourists buying men’s shirt fabrics, but also fabrics for suits and dresses. Can be sure that every single person here finds its fabrics and tastes. Quite unlikely can happen that someone else’s wearing the clothes what is made of the same fabric - so it is the great possibility to find here something unique. 



Santosh +91 98 5015 6470

Landline +91 226 2420, +91 247 5208

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Mapusa market, Shop nr.10


NB! Shop in Mapusa market is open seasonally from October to March!



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Useful contacts in Goa: 



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