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Beautiful authentic Kashmiri handicraft in Goa Prindi

Do you prefer a reliable and personalized service? ladies-bag-kashmiri-embroidery-bag
You will be brought on moped /taxi to the store and back to the hotel, you will be served tea and explained the origin of goods, quality and other biases.


Such a personalized approach is offered by a Kashmiri businessman Waheed in Goa.
His shop THE BURAAK TOUCH BY R & W is located in Candolim, Pinto Vaddo Bardez, Near Fabinda, SHOP NO.10-G Laxmi Apartments.


Waheed is a merchant who likes to gather his own collections of various artisans’ work, rather than buying from wholesalers.

Therefore you can find especially interesting jewellery, scarves, bags, and carpets here that are not sold by any other businessman in the streets of Goa.


Contact: Waheed E-mail on kaitstud spämmirobotite eest, Javascript peab olema sisse lülitatud , telephone +91 860 095 3396 or Raouf +91 976 436 1234



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