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Cottage available in Estonia Prindi

The ideal shopping destination for many Buddhist Association / family or an art / music / organic farming enthusiasts for a family / tourist association or company, etc


Cottage available with Stupa and Land in Western Estonia

Location: 130 km to south-west from Tallinn, 42 km to north from Pärnu (Estonia's "summer capital")
Address: Kaasiku talu, Veltsa küla, [Koongan county], Pärnumaa, Estonia

Nearby Services:
· grocery at Lõpe (5 km)
· variety of services including a post office, schools, shops, etc. at Lihula' village (12 km)

very quiet
· the place is in the end of the road (mostly asphalt road)
· the place is surrounded by forests and field
·  forest is teeming with deer, rabbits and foxes

Land: 2 hectares

The house: total of 240 m2
One-storey, with attic
Strong outer walls covered with gray tiles, internal walls of the timber
Half of the house has been completely renovated in 2008, including 115 m2:
. 4 rooms
· kitchen
· Bathroom
· toilet


the interior look - very bright and white
*new doors and windows
*heat-insulated walls and floors
*wood floors - some new, others beautifully renovated
*upgraded electrical wiring

Oven heat: 1 oven, and white glazed tiles for other oven are waiting for the new owner
electric heating in the bathroom and toilet
water source: own driven well
electric boiler 200 liters


The second half of the house (built in 1942) is
warehouse approx 120 m2 (this could create additional living quarters, meeting hall or temple room)

Garden Plot:
mainly grassland, including some of the juniper and apple trees,
good for leisure activities, camping, ceremonies, etc.


Garden structures
· (Sauna or just other)  Building, under construction  less than 50 m2, on the walls of lightweight bricks
· Stupa : 10m high and capable of circular walking meditation.

. Firetemple
. Prayer wheels still under construction

Trade agreement is concluded in accordance with the provisions of the Estonian law.
An added bonus: an option to acquire the surrounding forest land up to 20 hectares of the Estonian State


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